Curative Employer Branding
The term “maybe” delivers a sence of hope. A wonder of possibilities. Curative encourages it’s leadership and team members to try and diminish the use of the word “No”. This awareness gives a sense of opportunity that anything is possible. Eliminates self limiting beliefs and delivers on the attitude “why not”. (Be) can be used as part of a word or stand alone within a sentence.
Member Persona
"Whatever you Wanna(Be)."
A Wanna(Be) is anyone. Those that seek and aspire to become. The mark looks to inspire and turn a position of reluctance into an opportunity for possibilities and promise.
"Where Wanna(Be)’s take flight."
Delivers a sense of belonging and gives the reader license to take action without excuses or permission. For a greater good a higher sense of purpose. 
Learning & Development
"Flight Path. Go ahead, take off."
In that quest to find relevance and purpose you want to (be) in a place where you can make an impact while learning and developing relevant skills to make a difference.
Performance Driven
"(Be)ast mode. Whatever you're gonna be, be legendary." 
Like a rockstar but a hell of a lot cooler and way more ellusive. The (BE)TI is legendary!

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