SMU - Guildhall Game Development
Southern Methodist University began offering a game developers degree through the GuildHall and needed help building awareness among high school seniors to encourage enrollment. When considering where to go for this degree type most students wouldn't consider SMU because of its persona of being too conservative. Recognized as one of the Top 10 game development programs internationally, it was important to differentiate the GuildHall as "the" choice for Team Game Production.
We looked to omit the expected use of character play and instead focused on the  usage of clever headline treatments to convey the benefits of obtaining a degree from Guildhall. Point-of-contact signage was used throughout high school administration offices and classrooms to reach the students during their senior year to help drive conversation. In-person instruction was created to bring the current developers to the high school to demonstrate the possibilities of attending SMU and types of teams and games a prospective student could be a part of building.
SMU - School of Engineering​​​​​​​
The School of Engineering at SMU offers an IT certification using online video and digital technologies. This offering is largely unknown as most individuals seeking this type of career development wouldn't consider SMU as an option primarily due to the stigma of SMU being too expensive and unaffordable.
In order to influence conversions and reach potential students, a series of print ads were created using simple imagery and whimsical headlines to engage readers and motivate to explore enrollment possibilities. The display ads ran in both newsprint and magazine. In addition to these insertions, transit signage was placed throughout the metroplex at various stops for DART and TRE.

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