Metavante EFT 
Metavante, a financial services firm that specializes in providing SAS solutions to banking institutions, looked to reposition their brand with an edgy untraditional banking under-tone. Metavante differentiates themselves as an organization by providing electronic presentment and payment tools to ensure banks provide their customers with billing efficiencies. These enhancements lead to an assurance banking institutions can leverage to create relationship-building opportunities with their customers.
Created a series of double truck ads, lobby signage and transit positioning individuals in various situations with a message of breaking free from uncomfortable circumstances with the confidence Metavante delivers with their secure CSF Designer software platform. This level of trust brings confidence to the financial institution that their customers should Proceed With Confidence.
Metavante's double truck ads had regional insertions in trade publications with an economic focus. Lobby and transit signage was placed throughout the Milwaukee and Chicago financial areas of the cities.

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