Lucky Spur Ranch Retreat
Lucky Spur is a destination venue located just outside the DFW metroplex. Originally named T Bar D Ranch by the previous owner Tom Dodd, the property was built as a hotspot for rodeos, match roping events & equine sports of all kinds.​​​​​​​ With 56 acres of open space the new proprietors realized what a special place this was and wanted to open it up for everyone to enjoy. 
First order of business was to create an iconic mark that spoke to the Lucky Spur name. The icon was created to stand alone or using it's full master lock-up. The evolution of the identity grew to include an additional patch to be used as a secondary statement that speaks to the rustic appeal of the ranch. Collateral was created using bold colors taken from the  palette used through out LuckySpur. 
An Immersive Digital Experience
Using digital assets of the 56 acres, the user has the ability to explore 360 degree views of the property including video walk throughs of some of the favorite hot spots of the property. Arial views take you above the property to get a birds eye view of its vastness and a true feel for its Texas roots. A library of still images bring you a clear picture of the ranch and it's uniqueness. Video was used to help capture every angle of every outpost to help give a true depiction of the space.
Lucky Spur appeals to private and corporate events and the site needed to be organized to meet the needs of both. Integration with  the Knot gives users the ability to schedule an appointment for a tour or create a private walk through for their next executive off-site retreat. 

More Work

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